Interested in hosting a house concert? What is a house concert? The following will explain. We’d love to bring one to your house.


It’s a concert in your home, living room, rec room, back yards or in your church or community center. It’s a cool way to entertain your friends and relax while we play our songs to your guests. Attendance can be as small as a dozen and depending on your space could be upwards of 30 or more.



Typically it begins with socializing with the guests as they arrive. Many hosts supply beverages and snacks which costs are covered by donations. Alcohol is up to your preference keeping in mind it is a concert, not a party.


What We Do

Once everyone is settled and comfortable we will introduce ourselves and provide a little background of our band. If the space is small, we will play our set acoustically. If it is larger we will bring our sound equipment as needed. What we will create is a listening room where your guests will be able to hear all the lyrics and music clearly. We usually play for 2 hours with a brief intermission.


How To Invite

Once a date is set, usually a month or more in advance, we find that word of mouth is a very good way to invite your guests and friends of your guests. Social media and emails can also work with RSVP’s requested. If you desire we can invite folks on our web site and social media. It’s important to know how many are planning on attending so adequate space and seating can be provided.



Usually the hosts will welcome their guests and introduce the band at which time they point to a suggested donation basket. Suggested donations usually range between $10 and $20. Costs for beverages and snacks can be recovered from the donations with the remainder going to the band. Tickets cannot be sold.


Thank you

Our mission will be to make sure that your guests have an enjoyable experience. We will interact with your guests through out the performance fielding questions and talking about how many of our original songs came about. We want to ensure that they have an intimate musical experience and walk away happy about their decision to come. If you are interested contact us at

Lindsey Rudibaugh, PH.D. & Travis Harding co-founders of Tenderfoot Learning Lab “Rock Salt & Nails was a pure pleasure for our house concert. The band is talented, warm, and delightfully interactive. They're easy to work with and very adaptable. We still have guests and friends who want to know when they're coming back. Booking them will bring joy into your life”